Kisses, kissies, smooches Little Feet #2 Laura Vila. Illustrations by Violeta Cano.
Baby books
17 pages, colour
Rights sold: Pijama Books (Spanish)
ISBN: 9788419135131
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Collection: Little Feet Little Feet

Who doesn’t like kisses? Do you prefer kissies? Or maybe smooches? All of them are the best, so let’s never have a day without any of them! 

This series seeks to accompany both babies and parents in the first 2 years of childhood, making daily life much more fun. Each book includes funny lyrics, beautiful illustrations and a (optional) QR code for the song to play. And parents, fear not! The author knows “they will have to repeat the songs until they are blue in the face”, so they are made to entertain them too. Loads of fun for everyone!