Remind Me Why I Died Chiki Fabregat Young adult
184 pages
Suicide, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance
Rights sold: Spanish (DNX Libros)
ISBN: 9788418354816
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Winner of Torre del Agua Award for the Best Self-Conclusive Young Adult Novel, Festilij 2023

Naim doesn't want to admit that he is in love with Claudia. He has spent the last sixteen years watching her and, almost unintentionally, he has loved her for a long time. The problem is that Naim has also spent the last sixteen years dead. He is not a ghost, nor an angel. He lives in a grey limbo, with other suicidals (or "rems", as they call themselves) and Ros, the fallen angel that takes care of them all. But everything changes when Claudia dies and turns it all upside down. Naim will have to confront himself and remember why and how he died in order to save Claudia...